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Welcome to the best of the Displaced African. This page is divided into a number of sections:

1) For those of you who are thinking of or an in the process of immigrating

2) Audio Posts and Podcasts

3) Controversial posts

4) Humorous and light posts

5) My favourite articles

6) The Most Read Articles

7) Celebrate some great moments in the history of the blog

1) For those of you who are thinking of or an in the process of immigrating:

I have a number of resources for you:

First of all, listen to people give their opinions on Melbourne, if you are thinking about coming down to Melbourne, Australia. The name of the article series is:

What is the Best City to Immigrate to? and of course we are talking about where I live,Melbourne

I also have articles on:

7 Unique Things Learned While in Australia

7 Tips Regarding Racism in Australia

Australian Doesn’t Want Us Africans Any More

Secondly, check out the 10,000+ word series on all the little bits and pieces you need to organize and think about should you chose to visit Australia. The ten part article series is called:

How to Immigrate to Australia Within a Week. Some of the articles you’ll find in the series include:

Accommodation, Purpose and Awareness


Paperwork and Credit Cards Before You Fly Out

Public and Private Transport, Skype

Thirdly, I compiled an article that puts together all of my best articles that have to do with the immigration experience in general. That article is called:

What Everybody Ought to Know About Immigration and Njeri’s Guest Post (and Njeri of intricately me spoke about some of the things she’s learned as an immigrant in this series)

Fourth, I had one week where my readers, all of them immigrants, did all the writing (thanks guys) and shared their insights for all of you to learn from. The series was known as:

Guest Posts. Check out articles like:

Guest Post: The One Thing They Never Tell You Before You Immigrate

Guest Post: Acolyte from My Part of the World

Guest Post: Sci-Culturist

You can also check out the first guest post in the history of the blog:

7 Barriers to Immigrant’s Success (One of the blog’s most popular articles to date)

And you can get all this information and more if you sign up for my free Immigrant Survivor Guide which you can find at the top right of the blog. Click on the Youtube video in the top right corner and I’ll explain to you what the newsletter is all about.

2) Audio Posts and Podcasts

One of the things that sets this blog apart from other blogs is the great podcast interviews that I have conducted and continue to conduct on a weekly basis. Check out some of my best podcasts including:

Conversation with the Co-founder of Ushahidi and Mashada Creator: David Kobia

Opinions on Melbourne from Children (My baby sisters’ opinions on life in Australia. My most popular podcast by a mile)

Sex Talk with Ekene Agabu

Audio Interview: The Woman Who Entered a Poor, AIDS-ravaged Community and Left It as a Self-Sustaining Banana Exporter

Stop Reading and Thinking! Do Something Instead

3) Controversial Posts

This blog has had its fair share of discussion, debate and generally constructive controversy. Some of the posts that have gotten the people fired up are:

Here’s Why Everybody Should be a Polygamist (Yes, it’s a post that talks about the positives of polygam. You see, you’re getting worked up already.You know you want to click ;) My most debated article yet)

For the Ladies: Stop Complaining

Jungle Fever: The Relationship Between African Men and White Women and its sequel:

Jungle Fever 2: The Relationship Between White Men and African Women

7 Unique Things That Africa and Africans Have Taught Me (Started a debate on whether or not stereotypes and formalized education are good things)

Success Story from the African Diaspora: Wilfred ole Saroni (This man got into a spot of trouble after I wrote this and folks jumped on the site to talk about it)

The Empty Symbol That is Barrack Obama (The first article that ever got me a whole heap of readers without my doing much to go after readership)

4) Humour and Light Moments

For those of you who are interested in some light reading and comedic relief, though rare, you can find it in the category

Humour and Light Moments which has some of the articles below:

An Open Letter to Women on How to Treat Men (Which is also my most popular article of all time by like a factor of 10)

The Day a Bus Outwitted a Man

Something to Make You Giggle This Sunday

2 Funny Stories from My Days as an Aged Care Nurse

Every Immigrant Has A Story Like This

5) My Favourite Articles

For those who might be wondering what my personal favourite articles are, I spoke about them when the blog turned 100 posts old (it’s about 160 posts as I type this) so check out the article:

The Displaced African is 100 Posts Old!

6) Most Read Articles

In terms of readership, some of the most popular posts in the blog’s history that aren’t in any of the other 6 categories are:

Top 10 things I wish I knew before I left Africa. This was the first article series ever in the history of the blog and includes articles such as:

How to Take Africa from Zero to Hero: Entertainment!

What It Means To Be a Part of the African Race Not Just the Human One

The Facts About Nutrition? You are What You Eat

Is This How You Define Yourself?

Some other highly read posts are:

Apathy, Criticism and Ignorance are Bliss, But Is That the Type of Life You Want to Live?

Are You In Control of Your Life?

What if You Had One Year Left to Live? The Bucket List

My Hero: Anthony Robbins

Promiscuity Making a Man a Stud and a Woman a Whore IS NOT a Double Standard. Here’s Why?

How to Discover Your Mission in Life (Part one)

What Type of Partner and Lover Will You Be? :I Am Growing Up .One of the many articles written in the middle of my love sickness. Also includes:

Let’s Talk About Sex: Top 7 Things I Have Learned About Women and the Opposite Sex

7) Some of the Greatest Moments in the Blog’s History

The West Has Many Distractions: Focus on That Which Is Important Not That Which Is Urgent (One of the first times I got more than a handful of readers to my blog)

The Interview with Mwangi (First time I was interviewed by a newspaper)

M Does Not Stand for Mwangi: Mwangi Stands for Mwangi ( How I accidentally landed myself in the national newspaper, the East African Standard)

The Displaced African is 100 Posts Old!

The Displaced African on Capital FM in Kenya

I got a chance to not only review the first book written by the most popular personal development blogger on Earth but I also got to interview him:

The Podcast Interview:

My 60 Minutes with the Largest Personal Development Blogger On Earth, Steve Pavlina

The Book Review:

Displaced African Review:Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina

And there you have it. Haven’t found the type of article you want to read? Send me an email or leave a comment on one of the posts and tell me the type of article that would be of use to you.

Be blessed,

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