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Why Some Africans Hate Charity? Explained By the Cast of Friends

When I watched this episode of Friends, I thought, “Yup! That captures what a lot of African people feel about charity!”

The Cast

Africa and Africans will be represented by Joey, Rachel and Phoebe

The West and its charitable shall be represented by Ross, Monica and Chandler

Wish I Could Embed It But Sadly I Can’t :(

Take note of the group dynamics and let me know what you think:

The Precise Mathematical Formula For a Happy Life

No joke! You want the formula, here it is: Read more »

Mass Control Explained by a Cartoon Chicken?!

Who knew that cartoons could be so deep? Tell me this cartoon doesn’t get you thinking and wanting to discuss propaganda?!

Thanks and Celebration

Today I received the physical copy of my first ever newspaper article. Read more »

Where Am I Going to Spend Eternity, My Favourite Website and My Favourite Movie

Today is all about answering questions from my namesake, Tony, who runs one of the biggest websites in Naija according to Alexa, Naija Ecash. I also answer the most interesting question I have received so far, from Mo Ma. These answers definitely don’t show me in the best light, but you asked and so I answer…..

If You Have any Questions You Would Like Me to Answer

Then please read this post, where I talked about this little question and answer session.

Tony asks: Read more »

Will I Ever Relocate to Africa? To Do What?

I continue answering your questions. Today, it’s all about Kelly. So shall we begin:

kelly asks:

When do you plan to come back to kenya?
What will you come back to do, like specifically? Read more »

The Best Thing I Have Ever Done in My Life, Five People(Living or Dead) I Would Have Over to Dinner and More

Benin Mwangi from the Cheetah Index asked:

I had a technical question for you.  I am going to be doing a podcast next week and wanted to ask you if you know of any simple ways to create a jingle…Otherwise, I hope all is well.  Keep up the good work! Read more »

How Should We Put an End to Poverty and Is Feedburner Utter Crap?

Hello Folks,

Following on from my request yesterday that you ask me questions, here we are on Day 1 of my answers to your questions. If you have any more questions or things to say, leave me a comment below or email me at masmilele(at)thedisplacedafrican(dot)com

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Ask Mwangi a Question and I Will Answer


For the next few days I thought I would try something a little different. Read more »

Listen Now to the Displaced African’s Appearance on Capital FM in Kenya

Before I Get to the Main Attraction

1) For some reason, the sidebar of the website isn’t working as it should, i.e. on the homepage, it isn’t there, it drops all the way to the bottom of the article. I am aware of the problem and am on it and thanks for patience dealing with that.

2) I am going to be interviewed on Capital FM next week and for any of you who are fans of SARFMRADIO in New York, they called me and asked for an interview too, so look out for me on that too. Yay! Too too blessed.


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