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Financial Freedom

  1. The interconnectedness of things
  2. Quick update
  3. Networth IQ
  4. Update on Jay Abraham’s mentorship program
  5. Thank God for Problogger
  6. I am now a member of Jay Abraham’s mentorship program!
  7. Darvas BoxesVisa, and Jay Abraham
  8. Optimizing adsense ads design and positioning
  9. Part 3 of Opimizing Adsense Revenue: Relevant Ads
  10. High Paying Google Adsense Words
  11. Financial Freedom? I am not alone
  12. I Have Stopped Increasing blog traffic
  13. Blog Search Engine Optimization and some recommended reading
  14. He he he silly me
  15. Dig and
  16. Google Webmasters
  17. Ping-o-matic
  18. Search Engine Optimization
  19. Getting rid of $50,000 debt
  20. Getting indexed on Google
  21. Google: Is your blog indexed on Google?
  22. Getting listed on Search Engines
  23. Technorati
  24. I am now using Haloscan
  25. Pinging and Trackbacking
  26. Final idea in terms of blog design
  27. Real Estate Mastery weekend
  28. Information from the wealthy
  29. My five minutes at the australian stock exchange expo
  30. Blending ads and a footer
  31. Tomorrow: ASX Investment Expo
  32. Feedburner is the way to go
  33. Web Feeds, RSS and a whole lotta learning
  34. Finally I got my contact forms up and running……
  35. Thanks for that
  36. Contact forms and RSS feeds
  37. Contact me
  38. Adding a contact form
  39. Blog design
  40. Work on 9/10/2007
  41. What I did today? and “Reasons I Want To Be a Millionaire to be Perfect”……
  42. Since I want the type-up of “Reasons I Want To Be a Millionaire to be Perfect”……
  43. Melbourne Millions4Good Meetup
  44. Reasons I want to be financially free
  45. Path number one
  47. Internet Marketing


  1. Update
  2. Trying to organize an interview with Abderrahmane Sissako
  3. Technorati profile
  4. Tania Major
  6. Vegan detox?…………..Hell Yeah!
  7. If every fruit has a signature…..what’s the signature of a banana?
  8. Thanks for that
  9. Contact me
  10. No compassion for Africans?!
  11. I am trying to organize interviews with…..
  12. Part one of the African dream: How would our society socialize aka Free Hugs
  13. Patrick Awuah: Educating a new generation of African leader
  14. Breyani and the Councillor part 3
  15. Breyani and the Councillor part 2
  16. Part one of the film on African grasroots movement: Breyani and the Councillor part 1
  17. Thoughts on Patrick Awuah and Africa’s future
  18. E-mail that will act as first contact to Patrick Awuah
  19. website that may allow you to contact mr. peck
  20. Plan from Sunday the 9th of September to Thursday the 13th of September
  22. What I Will Be Telling Pops.
  23. Goals
  24. Film making goals and opportunities during the holz (written on Tues 5th june 2007)
  25. Huge update on 29th May 2007
  26. Very quick random thoughts (27th May 2007)
  27. Goal for the week 20th-27th May 2007
  28. Met with Vince on Friday the 18th of May 2006
  29. Thoughts on Week 1 that ended on 20th May 2007
  30. Met with Matt (Friday lecturer on production techniques)
  31. My goals
  32. Quantifying life
  33. Goals, health and nutrition

Book Review

  1. Flow
  2. How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market
  3. Ultramarathon Man
  4. Thanks for that
  5. Contact me
  6. Why this blog?

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