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Something That Happens to A Lot of Newbie Immigrants That’s Almost Never Discussed

I get the strange feeling I have written this article before: if I have, apologies but recent discussions I have had have added some greater depth to this topic area.

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A Few Quick Thoughts About Jungle Fever

This blog post is about one of the first articles in the history of this blog, Jungle Fever: The Relationship Between African Men and White Women

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Friendship

Before I Get the Ball Rolling
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Till Death Do Us Part? BullS……….

Pretty provocative title huh?

Cow dung or rather bull dung

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The Cornerstone of Succesful, Long Lasting Marriages?!

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Guest Post: An Open Letter to Men on How to Treat Women


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1) An Open Letter to Women on How to Treat Men

2) Sunny’s article on the Walk for Breast Cancer

African couple

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For the Ladies: Stop Complaining

Ladies, I love you, I adore you and God made you more beautiful than the roof of Sistine Chapel. In addition to that, some of you have genuine reasons to complain, after all, a lot of the time, men are well (no offence fellas) useless really. Just selfish users who don’t bring much to your life. HOWEVER, for the love of all that is peaceful and pure: please stop complaining so much.

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What Type of Partner and Lover Will You Be? :I Am Growing Up

African wedding

I am growing up. I am actually growing up. Over the past couple of weeks, ever since I got hit by the lovebug, one thought has loomed deep in my mind: what type of husband/wife and father/mother do I want to be? Read more »

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Promiscuity Making a Man a Stud and a Woman a Whore IS NOT a Double Standard. Here’s Why?

Night club

As we wind down into the weekend, I am very much in the mood to discuss relationships. Therefore, let me express my views on a rather controversial topic in this day and age.

Promiscuity: Why Aren’t Men and Women Judged by the Same Standards? Read more »

An Open Letter to Women on How to Treat Men


An envelope that contains the letter to the ladies

This crush continues! Should any of my posts ever be of no value to you, let me know and I will move on……the topics are many, it is the time that is little. It is the time that is little. Sunny from Project Sunshine wrote to me and asked me to write a letter where I basically gave men tips on how to treat women. Read more »