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What Did You Want to Be When You Grow Up?


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7 Tips Regarding Racism in Australia

Hello hello hello!

Racism in Australia

I work with the disabled about once or twice a week. A couple of days ago I was helping a disabled man with his morning routine. Over the course of the past couple of weeks we have become pretty good buds. By this I mean, we speak to each other on a very personal ‘man to man’ basis as opposed to a professional or superficial level of conversation.

It was at this level of familiarity and kinship that I got an insight into the Australian Caucasian that I never would have got otherwise.

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Who are Your Heroes? Part one of My Heroes: Erwin Mcmanus

Part 6 of the 10 things I wish I knew before I left Africa

Today, I challenge you to examine why you think the way you think. Who is it that gave you your ideas, your thoughts and your feelings about the world you live in? Who are the teachers, not necessarily academic, who impacted you the most? I think when we know where our thoughts and ideas came from, that is power. We begin to see what draws us to our teachers and what draws us to ideas and certain feelings. With such knowledge, we gain better control of ourselves and ultimately better control of our environment. This of course gives us greater power to make a better world.

Erwin Mcmanus Erwin Mcmanus

Today, I thought I would share with you the first seven people who have had huge impact on my thought life and tell you why they did that. Read more »

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Just Words? No Such Thing: The Power of Language (Part 2)


Just came back from taking some time off blogging. I really really missed this blog and am glad to be back.

The beach; where man goes to relax

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7 Barriers to Immigrant’s Success

Hello, hello. I thought I would take a break from the writing for a couple of days and recharge my batteries a little bit. It would be an outrage for me to leave y’all high and dry and so I thought I would enlist the help of someone I met via this blog, Coach Caroline. Definitely one of the most interesting and passionate people I have spoken to in quite a while. Below she outlines some of the things that stand in the way of immigrants living the best lives possible. I hope it is of service to you. Leave comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I get back. Be blessed and bless others, Mwangi!

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Just Words? There Is No Such Thing: The Power of Language

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I may not be a fully fledged member of his groupie team, but I must give credit when it’s due. This man has a way with words.

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Are You In Control of Your Life?

Well, you should be!!

Heart to heart

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How to Guarantee Success in Any Field of Endevour: Become a Copycat

George Washington Carver

How do you do it? Copy successful people. I really don’t feel like beating about the bush today. The heart palpitations are yet to cease and at the moment I am feeling very assertive and to the point. Let me give you some snippets of thoughts intended to drive you to action.

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Bringing Light into Africa (The interview with Sunny)

Si you know as African bloggers and bloggers worldwide to support each other is a must. Today I will share with you an interview conducted by people from when they had a chat with the African blogger Sunny. You can find her blog at: Project Sunshine

Enjoy; be blessed;bless others;Mwangi

The sun; Project Sunny. You dig?


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Apathy, Criticism and Ignorance are Bliss, But Is That the Type of Life You Want to Live?

Blog depression

The love illness continues, however I am now lucid enough to write a post that I think is pretty generally applicable.

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