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How Undocumented Immigrants Survive in Europe

Hey guys,

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Why Do I Blog About Africa?

I was tagged by Miss Sci and I tag the immortal R and Kelly from Pink Memoirs

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Wambui Shares Tips for Anyone Moving to Seattle, Washington, USA

Mwangi’s note: Why on Earth they would confuse the world by having a place called Washington D.C. and then an entirely separate State called “Washington” I don’t know, but anyway enjoy this guest post from an old friend of mine, Wambui.

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Mwangi asked me:

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Here’s Why It’s Confusing Being Me and It Might Be Confusing Being You Too

I exist in an extremely odd shade of gray. This post will be as the title suggests, a confused convoluted conversation about confusion. Uncensored and unedited, straight from my brain to your eyes.

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Why Don’t We Call Ourselves African Australians?

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to participate in a documentary on the Ethiopian youth who live in commission housing in a suburb called Carlton.

Considering my shallow understanding of the topic area, I invited along a friend of mine from church -  big up to U – who just happened to be of Ethiopian descent and happened to be working in the migrant resource centre (not in Carlton though).

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What are Marriages for Papers a.k.a. Paper Marriages?

This blog has been around for 8+ months now and I was actually extremely surprised when I realized that not once did I talk about something so unique yet so present within the African immigrant experience.

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What is the Western Entitlement Syndrome?

What is the Western Entitlement Syndrome?

If this article is a little to abstract or ambiguous, ask questions in the comments thread and I will gladly make sure you get what I’m trying to say.

In the interests of ensuring that everyone understands everyone as much as possible, I will write about something today that I have chosen to label:

The Western Entitlement Syndrome

Whole world in hands

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2 Funny Stories from My Days as an Aged Care Nurse

Today let’s take a look at how the pursuit of the dollar has humbled us.

Let’s not discuss it at the abstract or conceptual level: let’s make it real by sharing some stories.

Below are two stories from my days as an aged care nurse/hospital wardsman/general cleaner and gardener/disability care person.

Health care folk

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7 Unique Things Learned While in Australia

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Final Part of Njeri’s Message to the Next Group of Afropolitans

Airport terminal

Final section in the series where Njeri aka meek meek gives you the skinny on how she sees immigrant life. Make sure you read the articles from the last two days to read part 1 and 2. I come back from camp tomorrow. Yay! Finish your weekend right, Mwangi

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