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Top 49 African Musicians

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Why Some Africans Hate Charity? Explained By the Cast of Friends

When I watched this episode of Friends, I thought, “Yup! That captures what a lot of African people feel about charity!”

The Cast

Africa and Africans will be represented by Joey, Rachel and Phoebe

The West and its charitable shall be represented by Ross, Monica and Chandler

Wish I Could Embed It But Sadly I Can’t :(

Take note of the group dynamics and let me know what you think:

Why Do I Blog About Africa?

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How Should We Put an End to Poverty and Is Feedburner Utter Crap?

Hello Folks,

Following on from my request yesterday that you ask me questions, here we are on Day 1 of my answers to your questions. If you have any more questions or things to say, leave me a comment below or email me at masmilele(at)thedisplacedafrican(dot)com

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7 Unique Things That Africa and Africans Have Taught Me

African person

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7 Pieces of the Puzzle that Africa Has

As you will probably notice I am currently in the process of creating my email newsletter. It is going to be the latest permanent addition to this little blog so any advice on how to make my email newsletter better is very appreciated….oh and of course join it :) . To today’s program:

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Mwangi’s Youtube Debut, Africa’s Brain Drain and Brain Circulation

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So Here’s the Thing About Relocating to Africa

It’s really hard, and when it’s all said and done doesn’t appear to be for everyone. But most of us know it’s an incredibly noble, brave and courageous thing to do. So let’s break down four reasons to go back home and three reasons to stay put in the diaspora.

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Stuff African People Like: Their Solutions to Africa’s Problems

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Top 7 Signs You Have Been an Immigrant too Long

So how do you know that you have been away from your native country for way too long. Never fear, I am here to give you the warning signs that you have lost touch with the motherland.

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