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Guest Post: The One Thing They Never Tell You Before You Immigrate


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1) Martin Luther King’s Dream Had One Little Hitch: Tolerance Isn’t All That It’s Cracked Up to Be (This post is quite long so get yourself something to drink before you read it)

You feel like you are lost and isolated even though you are sorrounded by other people

Take It Away Gal

Mwangi put me on the spot and asked me to do a guest post about being an incarnate immigrant Kenyan. Being quite the Read more »

What Was It Like Saying Goodbye to African Soil?

I recently read about the heart breaking, raw reaction that Kelly had to having to leave Kenya. That mixed in with some discussions I had with some friends got me thinking about what it was like when I had to say goodbye to Africa.

Airplane departing home Read more »

How to Get Home

“So where’s home?” Continued from yesterday’s conversation about “What recharges you?”

Maasai home Read more »

Report: Mistakes Overseas Students and Migrants Make and Just Pay With Credit!!

Hey hey hey,

Sorry, I have been a little bit slack over the last week in terms of blogging. A truly great lady passed away last week and I am working on an article to remember her amongst other great things so I have been kinda gone but this blog is far from forgotten.

Anyway, I am Read more »