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Why Do I Blog About Africa?

I was tagged by Miss Sci and I tag the immortal R and Kelly from Pink Memoirs

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What Does a Perfect African Immigrant Look Like?

Hey folks,

First of all welcome to all the new readers. I have been tickled pink by the fact that even though my writing frequency has reduced a little bit, the blog’s readership and subscribers have kept on increasing and so thanks to all of you and welcome to the new readers.

Following on from my last post about confusion and my podcast with Julia Sanna where I tried to put an african immigrant relationship manifesto together, today I thought I would go one step further and, with your help, try to carve out an African Immigrant Manifesto.

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The Precise Mathematical Formula For a Happy Life

No joke! You want the formula, here it is: Read more »

Mass Control Explained by a Cartoon Chicken?!

Who knew that cartoons could be so deep? Tell me this cartoon doesn’t get you thinking and wanting to discuss propaganda?!

Interview with Pamoja Media & African Path Co-Founder: Benin Mwangi (Part 2)

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icon for podpress  Part two of interview with Benin Mwangi Brown [35:10m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Interview with Pamoja Media & African Path Co-Founder: Benin Mwangi (Part 1)

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Mwangi and Coach Caroline Discuss Culture Shock and the Psychology of African Immigrants

Let me apologize for constantly interjecting with”Yup!”, “Yes!” and “Mh mh” all the time. The mindset I went into this audio with was that it was a discussion as opposed to an interview and so that’s why I kept making those interjections.

That aside, I think this interview is extremely valuable.

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What is the Most Powerful Force on Earth?

This Article Was Inspired by the Fresh Prince of Belair

Far from an esoteric or secret idea, I think it’s pretty commonly accepted that the most powerful force on planet Earth, I am not including heaven or celestial or divine powers in this, is:

The human will directed towards a clear mission. In another way: someone making a decision to bring something to life and focussing and working on it minute after minute, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Read more »

How to Have Maximum Positive Impact on an African Immigrant’s Life

I am back with the final edition on the series. First of all, a quick refresher on what we have discussed so far:

1) One Thing We MUST Begin Doing NOW As African Immigrants

2) What Every African Immigrant Ought to Know About Recording and Sharing Success

3) In What Areas Do We as African Immigrants Need to Record and Share Our Successes

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Listen as Mwangi Becomes a Radio Star

Well sorta!

Last Sunday morning, I did my first regular show on Read more »