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Here’s Why It’s Confusing Being Me and It Might Be Confusing Being You Too

I exist in an extremely odd shade of gray. This post will be as the title suggests, a confused convoluted conversation about confusion. Uncensored and unedited, straight from my brain to your eyes.

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Something That Happens to A Lot of Newbie Immigrants That’s Almost Never Discussed

I get the strange feeling I have written this article before: if I have, apologies but recent discussions I have had have added some greater depth to this topic area.

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What Every Immigrant Parent Ought to Know About their Children

Hello hello hello. Today I thought I would share with you an article that I wrote a while back with the intention of getting myself featured on an African immigrant newsletter. The editor’s of the newsletter were way too slow in contacting me and I thought that this article has some insights that should be shared anyway. I know not many of you are in the situation described below (i.e. parents of immigrant kids or people here with family) BUT hopefuly you can still pick up a little something, something from it. B blesd, Mwangi

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7 Unique Things Learned While in Australia

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The Day a Bus Outwitted a Man

The following is based on a true story

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