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Two Useful Resources For People Settling in Australia

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So Here’s the Thing About Relocating to Africa

It’s really hard, and when it’s all said and done doesn’t appear to be for everyone. But most of us know it’s an incredibly noble, brave and courageous thing to do. So let’s break down four reasons to go back home and three reasons to stay put in the diaspora.

Africa map

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The Secret to Working Beyond the 20 Hours Per Week Work Limit

NB: Please refer to the comments section and visit Mwalimu and the Mwalimu Blog for more information on this topic.

After brilliant guest posts from Acolyte and Seinlife that touch on this subject, I felt that this post was in order. After all, it’s something that almost every international student must encounter at some point.

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Guest Post: Sci-Culturist


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NB: I also find it very cool to be getting a guest post from an African living in the UK. The first of hopefully many.

1) Sci-Culturist

Immigration signs at an immigration protest

Immigration Redefined

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Guest Post: Seinlife from Seinlife


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French deportation letter: Make sure this isn't you

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Public and Private Transport, Skype:How to Immigrate to Australia Within a Week

First of all: I am now the proud owner of This means that if you would like to visit this website you can now find it by typing in either:

a) OR;


Hopefully that will make finding this website a lot easier for many of you.

To refer to the check-list that you will guide you in immigrating to Australia within a week please refer to the Introduction post in the series.

Private Transport: Driving

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I Thought Africa Was a Country! Aren’t You All Naked Savages Living in a Jungle Desert?: Why These Stereotypes Ultimately Don’t Matter

An African abode

Ladies and gentlemen, here I am yet again with my two cents on an issue that we as Africans run into when we are in foreign countries A LOT. I have realized that my writing style is a very disjointed incomplete one and so forgive me but I will say this often, I know that this article doesn’t capture the whole complexity of the situation, but hopefully it will stir your thought in the right direction.

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7 Tips Regarding Racism in Australia

Hello hello hello!

Racism in Australia

I work with the disabled about once or twice a week. A couple of days ago I was helping a disabled man with his morning routine. Over the course of the past couple of weeks we have become pretty good buds. By this I mean, we speak to each other on a very personal ‘man to man’ basis as opposed to a professional or superficial level of conversation.

It was at this level of familiarity and kinship that I got an insight into the Australian Caucasian that I never would have got otherwise.

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Australian Doesn’t Want Us Africans Any More


Today I came across this article that looks like it was written by an Australian man and I just thought I would share it with y’all to look at and make your own conclusions on below that I have attached my comment that I left on his post: Read more »

Africans,do you have any problems that have to do with Immigration and Immigration Law?


How cool is this picture, I wish I had the Australian equivalent

Symbolic of an African in the diaspora

As I pass the half way mark of my first ever series on the Displaced African, I thought I would give you heads up on what the next series would be about. Read more »