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Why Some Africans Hate Charity? Explained By the Cast of Friends

When I watched this episode of Friends, I thought, “Yup! That captures what a lot of African people feel about charity!”

The Cast

Africa and Africans will be represented by Joey, Rachel and Phoebe

The West and its charitable shall be represented by Ross, Monica and Chandler

Wish I Could Embed It But Sadly I Can’t :(

Take note of the group dynamics and let me know what you think:

Wambui Shares Tips for Anyone Moving to Seattle, Washington, USA

Mwangi’s note: Why on Earth they would confuse the world by having a place called Washington D.C. and then an entirely separate State called “Washington” I don’t know, but anyway enjoy this guest post from an old friend of mine, Wambui.

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Mwangi asked me:

“What advice would you give someone that is coming to Seattle, WA.?” Read more »

Here’s Why It’s Confusing Being Me and It Might Be Confusing Being You Too

I exist in an extremely odd shade of gray. This post will be as the title suggests, a confused convoluted conversation about confusion. Uncensored and unedited, straight from my brain to your eyes.

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When the Deal Is Too Good Think Twice

Hey everyone, I am absolutely ecstatic that Caroline has decided to do a second guest post here on tDA. For those who haven’t read her first guest post, check out Would You Play a Game of Russian Roulette. If you would like to share your immigrant story and use this blog as a platform (thanks as always to those who have already done this), contact me and I shall see what we can do. Mwangi here signing out and leaving the floor open for Caroline Atieno

When the deal is too good think twice…

By Caroline Achieng Otieno. Read more »

Would You Play a Game of Russian Roulette?

Hello people,

My name is Caroline Achieng Otieno, and I am a guest blogger at the Displaced African, and a regular contributor to The African Bulletin – Having lived in the Netherlands for the past seven years, and experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly, I must say that I have observed a lot going on in Europe. I feel sad for the many Africans, who escape war and other tragic situations, come into Europe through very difficult means (some even trekking the desert through Northern Africa) and when they get here, they face other hurdles in trying to build an existence for themselves and their families back home. What hurts the most is that the system set in place makes our African sisters do things they would not ordinarily do, just because of their legal status or the lack of it thereof. The following article is another version of the article I wrote for African Bulletin in the April issue, feedback is welcome…

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Something That Happens to A Lot of Newbie Immigrants That’s Almost Never Discussed

I get the strange feeling I have written this article before: if I have, apologies but recent discussions I have had have added some greater depth to this topic area.

Growing up I have always had this sense that I was Read more »

Why Do Our Accents Change When We Immigrate Abroad?

Today let’s talk about a little something that we all see or do when we go abroad.

The Change of Accent Read more »

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Every Immigrant Has A Story Like This

I wrote this piece a while back and submitted it to one of the big blogs in the African blogosphere in the hopes of being published as a guest author. But alas, I felt the sting of rejection :( On the bright side, this piece gets published anyway :D ….and since there are a whole bunch of you new readers, I would like to welcome you with a tale of one of my experiences from my early days of Australian life. If you enjoy the peace, make sure you leave a comment with a little anecdote of your own.

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The Afropolitan in You


You know this article applies almost exactly to me. Though at present I am not a very big fan of esoteric or linguistically complex and philosophical pieces of writing, i.e. I like to dumb things down and like people who do the same, I can’t deny that this piece is introducing an idea that’s definitely one that’s worth thinking about and exploring through more pieces of writing, books, films etc. People like us African immigrants are an entirely unique entity unto ourselves and its time we began talking about our Afropolitan nature. Enjoy!

NB: I have quoted text from this blog post verbatim

What exactly is an “Afropolitan”?

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Guest Post: Seinlife from Seinlife


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French deportation letter: Make sure this isn't you

5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Foreign Student in the US Read more »