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Thanks and Celebration

Today I received the physical copy of my first ever newspaper article. Read more »

Why Live 8 Sucked and What You Can Do About It

Why Live 8 Sucked and What You Can Do About It?


If you didn’t think I was odd before, get ready to believe I am. I was reading a great free report by Rich Schefren and in the midst of it, he asked us to create a faux-advertisement to hire staff to our organization.

Rich proposed that instead of thinking of what we offer as simply a job we should think of our firm as standing for a higher purpose and giving folks a chance to join that.

Now, I don’t own a firm, hence, the unedited, unproofed, “quite different” article today.  Felt good to write it, pretty darn good. Read more »

Are You Interested in Podcasting?

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Where Am I Going to Spend Eternity, My Favourite Website and My Favourite Movie

Today is all about answering questions from my namesake, Tony, who runs one of the biggest websites in Naija according to Alexa, Naija Ecash. I also answer the most interesting question I have received so far, from Mo Ma. These answers definitely don’t show me in the best light, but you asked and so I answer…..

If You Have any Questions You Would Like Me to Answer

Then please read this post, where I talked about this little question and answer session.

Tony asks: Read more »

Will I Ever Relocate to Africa? To Do What?

I continue answering your questions. Today, it’s all about Kelly. So shall we begin:

kelly asks:

When do you plan to come back to kenya?
What will you come back to do, like specifically? Read more »

The Best Thing I Have Ever Done in My Life, Five People(Living or Dead) I Would Have Over to Dinner and More

Benin Mwangi from the Cheetah Index asked:

I had a technical question for you.  I am going to be doing a podcast next week and wanted to ask you if you know of any simple ways to create a jingle…Otherwise, I hope all is well.  Keep up the good work! Read more »

Ask Mwangi a Question and I Will Answer


For the next few days I thought I would try something a little different. Read more »

The Displaced African’s Media and Press Appearances

Salutations. This page has been created with two purposes in mind: Read more »

Mwangi’s Youtube Debut, Africa’s Brain Drain and Brain Circulation

Gaaddzoooks! I am the Read more »

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