A Quick Word to All Recent Visitors of the Blog

If  you are new to tDA first up welcome, welcome, welcome :)

Secondly, apologies for a couple of reasons:

1) I recently had to completely delete and reinstall the blog due to malware and viruses and have been slow, to say the least, restoring the theme and backend stuff that made the blog sparkle. Rest assured, I am slow but steady in getting there.

2) If you have left a comment in the last couple of months, sorry. I logged in to find more than 900 comments that have yet to be approved. If any of my crew – you know yourselves – wish to help me as I go through these comments, shoot me a mail ( what a weird expression if ever we use one) and I appreciate your help.

3) Mwangi is not dead :) I am still very much alive and still a resident of Australia. If you have any questions or anything you want to know my contacts are all over.

4) I am working on the theme and the backend….promise :)

5) I don’t like spell checking. I simply love to write :)

B blesd and bles othaz,