Are You Interested in Podcasting?

As many of you would know, I have my own podcast, the Displaced African podcast. Quite a few people have stopped by and asked me questions like:

How do you record the podcast?

What software do you use? etc etc etc

I have basically taken it upon myself to answer these and many other questions on my new site, My Podcasting Tutor, which was inspired by My 4 Hour Work Week Journey.

I am currently in the process of creating the podcasting course, but in the meantime feel free to check out the site, sign up for my free email newsletter where I provide:

* Tips on podcasting;

* Videos that show you step by step how to install and publish all the software you need to publish a podcast and;

* I’ll let you know when my podcasting course is up for sale.

So check out the site, sign up for my email newsletter and give me any and all feedback.

Success Story Already

I haven’t even finished creating the course and already I am proud to say I assisted someone along their journey to creating their own podcast.

This is of course the honorable, Benin Mwangi who comes from African Path and

“their-website-is-more-popular-than-mine-by-far-but-I-won’t-hold-it-against-them” :P

Make sure you check out Benin Mwangi’s podcast .

He had nice things to say about Mwangi and the Displaced African :) .

Check out my site, show some love to Benin and if you have a significant other:

Ipod Loving

1) Download Audacity sound editor

2) Record a message you know they’ll like

3) Upload it to their ipod a couple of times so you know they won’t mix it as they randomly shuffle through their songs.

4) Wait for the smiling, guffawing and the”floating-on-cloud-nine” glow.

5) Say it was your idea, though we’ll both know where you got it from.

Be blessed and bless others,


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  • By Gary, August 29, 2008 @ 8:11 pm

    Superb stuff, well done!
    Especially love the audio on the site, very high quality and would fill me with confidence that this is a quality product. Just the right length too.

    Hope that you are doing your market research before spending too much time making the product though! :) You don’t want to spend 8 weeks building a product that everyone expects to be free.

    Good luck mate and keep it up!

  • By Mwangi, August 30, 2008 @ 12:25 am

    @Gary: That website actually IS my market research. I created the page to see how many qualified prospects sign up for the newsletter and to receive notification of when the product is up for sale.
    I have created an autoresponse sequence that’s about 2 weeks long and has a lot of valuable free stuff to whet folks appetites while I create the product.
    My only worry is that you said it looks like the product is free….really? Does the page give off the vibe like I am creating a free course? If so then I must correct that when I begin my split testing.

  • By Gary, August 30, 2008 @ 4:00 am

    Hiya Mwangi,

    No, I don’t mean that it looks like you will give everything away for free, so don’t worry. I think that the site is great :)

    What I was meaning though is that you are not at the moment actually asking (testing) anyone to pull out the credit card and give you some cash. Its obviously harder to get someone to buy than to sign up for free newsletters etc. I just don’t want you to do months of work and find that the kind of people who podcast are not prepaired to pay for a course. Hopefully they are prepaired and willing!!!

    I suppose there are two ways to look at it. Either you go the Tim Ferriss way and ask them to pay before you make the service, or you go the Paul Colligan way of building an audience who know and trust you and then getting them to buy from you. You can hear Paul Colligan talk about this in this Youtube video (just fast forward to 34 mins)

    I think that the 4 hour work week way is much less risky, but is slightly deceptive. It’s great if you are selling pots or mountain bikes etc.
    If you want it to be a longer term player, then building a reputation is the thing.

    Would 20% of your free course signups pay for the full course? If they paid $88 each, would it be worth the effort you are putting in? Is there anyway you can test what the paid signup rate would be?

    I’m sure you have given all this a lot of thought already, and from what I read on this blog, I’m sure you’ll make it a success.


  • By Mwangi, August 30, 2008 @ 4:09 am

    @Gary: Great point, getting the newsletter sign ups isn’t nearly as difficult as getting people to whip out their credit cards. What I will do is create a product worth about $700-$1500 and sell it for $200, so if I get just 2 people to buy I have made a profit out of this test.
    In addition to that, I am a member of Blog Mastermind and I think if my product is of value I should be able to retail it to my connections there. I also know where bloggers and podcasters hang out and I can also try out advertising in the magazine….in short, because I chose a niche I am a part of the plan Bs and Cs and Ds are there in abundance.
    I wasn’t comfortable with the Ferriss dry testing system and already had an Aweber account and had studied a bit about creating autoresponders so I just decided to push one into the other.
    My hope is once I overdeliver with my product proposition I will go into profit at which point I resume my adwords campaign optimize that and from that point on we hit the ground running.
    But for the time being, my focus is on finishing the autoresponder sequence, finding out what people want to know about podcasting and creating a fantastic course.
    Thanks for the tips. You know if someone were to ask what the personification of constructive criticism is….I would have to say you just personified it. Don’t be surprised if I refer to this little discussion we had in future as an example of constructive criticism….

  • By Gary, August 30, 2008 @ 8:11 am

    Thanks Mwangi,

    I enjoy reading about your 4hww challenge as I am learning too and when two people are learning at the same time, it’s good to bounce ideas off each other.

    OK, it’s Friday night where I am, I’m hitting the town!!!


  • By Mwangi - the Displaced African, August 30, 2008 @ 8:32 am

    @Gary: Welcome! Enjoy your night out. I’ll stay in and work on the 4 hour work week challenge.

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