Two Useful Resources For People Settling in Australia

In the midst of my assisting a brand new immigrant to settle in, I happened upon two cool resources that can help anyone who is settling into Australia.

1) Skills Info:

This webpage in short gives you more information on the skills and occupations that are in demand in Australia:

Skills in Demand

2) Things to do first:

Consider this like the official version of How to Immigrate to Australia Within a Week.

If you are immigrating to Australia to settle, it gives you the first 7 (best number) things you should do:

Things to do first

Final Matter on the Agenda

If any of you lovely readers know anyone or know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who is an immigration consultant or lawyer or is simply an expert on immigration law or the immigration process for Africans in the diaspora, I would love to talk to them.

My agenda is that at some point we create a section of this website dedicated to not just understanding immigration law, but leveraging it for our benefit so please, I am unable to be proactive on this one for the next couple of weeks, if you know anyone please send me an email at

They don’t even need to be a writer, all I need are their time, ideas, knowledge and expertise. I’ll figure out the rest.

Thank you everybody.

Be blessed and bless others,


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