My 4 Hour Work Week Journey: Book Overview and Preface Chapters

This is day 3 of My 4 Hour Work Week Journey

2 Funny Stories from My Days as an Aged Care Nurse

Today let’s take a look at how the pursuit of the dollar has humbled us.

Let’s not discuss it at the abstract or conceptual level: let’s make it real by sharing some stories.

Below are two stories from my days as an aged care nurse/hospital wardsman/general cleaner and gardener/disability care person.

Health care folk

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Displaced African Review: Four Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

This is day 2 of My 4 Hour Work Week Journey

Now, below I will mention 4 things I liked about the book, the 4 hour work week and won’t talk about any negatives because I’m sure those will become self-evident as I work through the book over the coming days. That, and I don’t want to psyche myself out too early in my 4 hour work week journey.

4 Things I Love About the Four Hour Workweek

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7 Unique Things That Africa and Africans Have Taught Me

African person

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Conversation with the Co-founder of Ushahidi and Mashada Creator: David Kobia

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David Kobia

Hint: The next podcast is with STL a.ka. Stella Mwangi, brilliant woman she is!

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My 4 Hour Work Week Journey Introduction

Tim Ferriss with 4 hour work week

Yet another series that is being created and in this case lived on the fly. Feedback! Feedback! Feedback! Tell me what I should improve about the series, about the videos and just any other general feedback, please leave that in the comments section. Anyway……….

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Stuff African People Like: Expensive Cars

Nice car

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7 Unique Things Learned While in Australia

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Final Part of Njeri’s Message to the Next Group of Afropolitans

Airport terminal

Final section in the series where Njeri aka meek meek gives you the skinny on how she sees immigrant life. Make sure you read the articles from the last two days to read part 1 and 2. I come back from camp tomorrow. Yay! Finish your weekend right, Mwangi

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Njeri’s Heart to Heart Continues

Airport security

This is part 2 of Njeri’s 2 cents to the next group of soon to be Afropolitans. Please make sure you check out yesterday’s post for part 1. Be blessed, Mwangi. Read more »