What Was It Like Saying Goodbye to African Soil?

I recently read about the heart breaking, raw reaction that Kelly had to having to leave Kenya. That mixed in with some discussions I had with some friends got me thinking about what it was like when I had to say goodbye to Africa.

Airplane departing home

Do You Know What My Reaction Was?

Nothing! This post will be short because I felt nothing about leaving home. I wouldn’t miss anyone or anything.The only thing I felt was excited because I was going to a new place that was supposedly better than where I was coming from. I was also feeling pretty good because Australia also promised this wanna-be Mandingo his girls.


My apathy eventually bit me in the butt and within six months I was missing all my family and friends. I was writing them all emotional deep letters expressing how much I loved and missed them. I was on the phone with my cousin so much the authorities must have thought we were plotting a jewel heist.

I wrote this post because I am curious. What was it like for you, when you had to say goodbye? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Before I leave though……

If Denzel Got Rejected What Hope Is There?

Denzel Washington

I have just watched an interview with Denzel Washington where he said that when he first proposed to his wife over the phone…..she said NO! If Mr. Mo’ Better got rejected, that evokes two feelings in me:

a) For real, no a lot of the time is just, not yet.

b) If John Q couldn’t seal the deal with his first proposal, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Rewind Selector

Until then, please enjoy Malaika one more time.

Why? Because they are that good!

Be blessed and bless others,


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  • By seinlife, April 24, 2008 @ 4:18 am

    I had mixed feelings. Initial excitement but as the day approached sadness over all the people i will miss (and my dog), a wish to have both! Cried buckets at the airport, wouldn’t let my maama go and almost missed my flight. Kelly’s story certainly had that well start to build up again there for a bit….

    Com’on Denzel proposed over the phone? nowonder he got a no…..

    So do you know what ‘Malaika’ is singing about? nice beat though…..

  • By Mwangi, April 24, 2008 @ 4:35 am

    @seinlife: I would be lying if I said I had a clue what Malaika were singing about….I will use the universal cop-out of “the language of good music is universal.”
    Hmmm that seems to be a rather common reaction…excitement until the day comes and then the breakdown.
    I wouldn’t think it would have mattered if the man proposed from behind bars….plus, I don’t think the tool used to propose matters as much as the creativity and the imagination don’t you think.

  • By seinlife, April 24, 2008 @ 5:05 am

    Proposing over the phone arguably lacks commitment. Of course unless the person proposing is stuck at sea or some place where he/she has no other way to get a hold of you.
    It says either am too scared to do it in person or am too sure to do in person(as in it’s a given yes so why even bother showing up). I can’t see Denzel as scared but who knows he might have had cold feet. I also don’t see him as arrogant…confident yes…not arrogant enuff to assume a lady will say yes. Perhaps it was the norm to propose over the phone back in the day? i dunno….
    Anyone who says yes to someone behind bars…aah..has issues! (yes i have to judge)

  • By Mwangi, April 24, 2008 @ 5:23 am

    @seinlife: My bet is he was scared out of his mind. On the bright side though, he got back to work and they have been married God knows how long now.
    Why are you judging people behind bars, surely they need some of those wifely visits every once in a while otherwise they go mad ;)

  • By Shiroh, April 24, 2008 @ 9:59 pm

    African soil. Yikes,.Kenyan soil that is. If i was to leave motherland, i would do it with a heavy heart. I have come to really love Kenya to be honest with all our mathenas

  • By gal africana, April 24, 2008 @ 10:19 pm

    Does the word “Terrible!” cover it? It was my first time to fly anywhere. My mum was too lazy to take me to the airport and had only concieved the brilliant (NOT) idea of sending me to the UK two weeks before the fact. I was having a really good time at UNI and earning good money as well. Truth is, I’ve still not come to terms with my having to leave…Terrible, terrible terrible.

  • By Mwangi, April 24, 2008 @ 10:37 pm

    @Shiroh: I think that’s why for most people inevitably there is that moment when they break down. They are leaving the home which they have zoead with all its good or bad sides.

  • By Mwangi, April 24, 2008 @ 10:41 pm

    @gal: That sounds brutal. Why did they take you away so suddenly when you were doing so well? So I guess you’re like me, it doesn’t quite feel like home yet either.
    How the heck did you move from UK to ‘the Hagen’?

  • By gal africana, April 25, 2008 @ 5:28 am

    It does feel like home here now…but I still have trauma over having to leave Kenya so abruptly…would never wish that on anyone. Did my A-levels in chem but bachelor and masters in Technology on cph…thats how

  • By gal africana, April 25, 2008 @ 5:29 am

    sorry..A-levels in UK, is what I meant to say…

  • By Mwangi, April 25, 2008 @ 5:32 am

    Gotcha! Dang, you know you should start an advice line and I can call in to ask how you managed to make ‘the Hagen’ feel like home and most importantly how the heck you learned the language. Btw watcha think of the new design? The tech guy is still on the clock and I want to fix bugs before he leaves.

  • By gal africana, April 25, 2008 @ 5:49 am

    I love the giraffe print but maybe the white is too stark a contrast against it?
    Or I just need to get used to it.

  • By Mwangi, April 25, 2008 @ 5:50 am

    @gal: I wasn’t sure if it was just me, it is a little too bright isn’t it?

  • By gal africana, April 25, 2008 @ 5:54 am

    Maybe just a tad…

  • By Mwangi, April 25, 2008 @ 5:55 am

    Thx, I’ll get to work on that now.

  • By seinlife, April 25, 2008 @ 7:18 am

    @Gal – sorry to interject but what is CPH?
    @Mwangi – site is looking good…:-)

  • By Mwangi, April 25, 2008 @ 7:20 am

    @seinlife: How can a welcome visitor ever be interjecting. In fact if you have anything that is affecting the quality of your reading experience ala design feel free to let me know.

  • By gal africana, April 25, 2008 @ 7:39 pm

    I second seinlife. Looking good.

    @seinlife: cph is copenhagen.

  • By brenda, April 27, 2008 @ 7:47 am

    when i had to leave it was the toughest day ever i had to leave all my friends behind and i still miss them so much shout out to them.i eally wish i coud come back there but there is nothing can do about it except justwait for the day when i will come back

  • By Mwangi, April 27, 2008 @ 7:53 am

    @ brenda: I am sure a lot of women in the diaspora empathize with you. Until recently I didn’t know just how many people thought of the day they were leaving as one of the hardest days because of what they were leaving behind. Thanks to you and everyone who has left comments for opening me up to this reality.

  • By Baba Mwangi, January 17, 2009 @ 10:31 pm

    Vipii tena Kijana,

    How is the New Year going on? For me, its fine. Watu wameanza kugoroka mahali nipo. Kweli kama watanzania wanasema, Dunia ni dwalla. I have no idea what that literally means though.

    Lakini, let me finish up on what I had started talking about. This time, we shall be dealing with the masculine force. Another force that has the ability to mess you up if not utilized properly.

    The masculine force is also known as the aggression force. It is the basis of what is also known as will power. When you decide to do something, it’s the aggression force that gets you basically moving. As per norm, those with lots of this force are male and those with a little are female.

    The masculine and feminine force work together in a person just like the way women and men interrelate with each other in society. Therefore, if relationships between a man and woman are going badly, the forces in their bodies become imbalanced and the result is sickness.

    The masculine body also has its own form of intelligence and memory as does the feminine force. The memory of the feminine force is known as preconscious memory. In here is stored all beliefs pertaining to ones identity. So, if you see yourself as an African, all beliefs associated with Africans are stored in the preconscious memory. That’s why men tend to believe what women tell them about them (men). The intelligence of the feminine force is known as rational thinking. The same intelligence that one uses when counting. That’s why we have rational and irrational numbers. It’s an intelligence of putting things in order. Its why women are associated with running households. Yet today, nyangau women are the most irrational creatures out there. The masculine force also has its own intelligence and memory. The intelligence of this force is what is known as logical or illogical thought or simply rhetoric. The basis of this intelligence is addition. This intelligence is also associated with how people act or react to a stimulus in their direct environment i.e. illogically or logically. It takes in data and then sees intention or opportunity. Women are very bad at this and that’s why men always say women are illogical. The memory of the masculine force is known as the body memory. Meaning that your whole body stores knowledge in its cells. I am talking of your finger, thumb, hair etc. They all store knowledge. The knowledge they store is based on how to act or react when a situation/problem arises. It’s why men are considered more knowledgeable than women. Women are only considered as sources of information. That’s why they say we live in the information age. The system is being run by women. The masculine force is a complicated one because it acts on its own and then notifies one later on with regards to what it has discovered. The knowledge it mainly deals with is what can be called ‘intentional/opportunistic/futuristic’. Have you ever been like at a bus stop somewhere and then ‘sensed’ that someone was trying to rob you ama you are seated somewhere and then you sense that someone is looking at you from behind and when you turn, there is someone looking at you. That’s the intelligence of the masculine force. Something women do not have and that’s why it is easy to rob women on the streets. With the masculine force, one can sense intention, one can see opportunities and in many ways, one can basically see the future. That’s why men are responsible for shaping the future of a society. They can see future opportunities for the advancement of society while nyangaus cannot. Women tend to depend on ‘information gathering’. They talk talk talk with each other telling each other everything about men. So, if you are in one part of town na mwanamke mmoja who is buddies with your sister etc. sees you, ataenda kumwambia alafu you think ati amesense ulikuwa huko. They are very poor at this form of intelligence that’s why they cannot become hustlers au players. A player is one who takes advantage of a woman (senses an opportunity) without her guessing his real intentions. Akianza ku suspect, nikwasababu ameambiwa na mafriends wake that yule jamaa ni player.

    Realize that this intelligence works on its own meaning this. Lets say you are walking down the road na mtu ambaye anakisu comes to dunga you from behind. Your masculine intelligence will sense this by first making your body muscles hard and then making you sense huyo jamaa so that even akikudunga, the penetration may not be that deep because body muscles have tensed up. Not only that, even ile kisu yake iku kutouch kidogo, utaruka vibaya sana. That’s the masculine/aggression force at work. Its an independent intelligence in many ways. Interestingly, it is mainly found in people with negroid features compared to those with caucosoid features. That’s why those with caucosoid features are never considered street smart. Unakumbuka story za ‘danganya maasai’. You should view your average Westerner like a Maasai. View the richer ones like a Kalenjin. The masculine and feminine forces are much stronger in negroid people than in caucosoid ones. They are also much stronger in people with black skin than those with white skin. (Do realize that there are whites with negroid like features and they are superior to those with caucosoid features. A good example here is Pink the musician.) That’s why religion is often associated with black skinned negroid people. They are more intimately connected to God than the others and are Gods chosen people. Wachana with those fake Israeli jews. Many wonder why they suffer? Its because it is they who have forsaken God.

    Now, as I was saying, this force works together with the feminine force. Meaning this, if someone comes to rob you, your masculine force will automatically take over in order to look for a path of flight. How it does this is dependent on the identity you hold in the feminine force. If you hold an African identity, the masculine force will make you go down ukilia ‘woi woi woi, ninakufa’. Ama you act in a way to impress wanawake na wazungu since the false identities you have are defined by them. Lakini if your identity is Kikuyu au Mungiki, uta act/react in a very different way. So, you see that ones identity is very important. And since the identity is based on the feminine force, you get to know whom you really are by connecting to the Goddess. Therefore, identities such as Kikuyu, Hustler etc. are very general. There is still an individual identity that you have. That’s why the Kikuyu are a dynamic people while others such as Kalenjin/Maasai/Westerners have identities that are very rigid. Most have no personality at all. We pray to the Goddess so that we can know this unique individual identity. This unique identity is associated with ones dreams, visions and goals in life. Every identity has its own goals and dreams. When you view yourself as an African, you will automatically find yourself living in poverty. One then dreams of escaping poverty. If you see yourself as a Calvinist, you have very different dreams and aspirations. On the other hand, hawa westerners have the same identities and same goals. That’s why they are all the same. Goals zao ni about making money, bling bling, mdinyo na celebrity. Kama wakalenjin na maasai. If you analyze Australian society, you will find that the men behave like kalenjin men while the women behave like Maasai women. Use that as a point of reference when dealing with them. That’s what they think about 24/7 i.e. bling bling etc. as if that’s all there is in life. Watu useless vibaya sana and that’s why they have immigrants doing all the serious work in their countries. Even in Kenya, walileta waingereza, wahindi na wasomali to run the country during the Moi era while they isolated the other tribes. Hence the chaos that was Kenya in those days.

    Yet again, realize that this masculine force can be trained to act in the manner you want it to. Part of ones unique personality. For instance, if you are attacked and have a Kikuyu identity which tells you to simama and fight, how you fight is an individual thing. You have to train the masculine force since it is a reactive/active force. This training is stored in the body memory. That’s why these nyangau women talk of training men. Have you ever seen how most men in the west behave? It’s not their natural behaviour, it’s not even a males natural behaviour. By natural behaviour, I mean someone who has not been trained to act in any way. The way men in the western world behave is similar to how a woman behaves when she has not been trained to act like a woman. Think of any woman you know and think when she is angry ama when she is drunk, you will find that many men in the western world act in that similar manner today. That’s what people mean when they say one has been feminized. You have been trained to act/react like a nyangau female.

    You have to train this force to react in the right way when it senses some intention/opportunity of any sort. To act in a masculine manner. There are several ways you do this,

    1. Exercise: Ama what is known as Tizi. You have to exercise so as to make your masculine force strong. When you do not exercise, you become sloppy and pretty much slow. You cannot sense things (intentions/opportunity) easily. You act and react in a slow and sloppy manner. You cannot basically sense your direct environment. When I say Tizi, I do not mean going to the gym and ‘jenga-ring’ until you stunya. Wachana na hiyo mambo. Just fanya the simple exercises kama pushups, squats na kadhalika. If you can easily do 50, then go up to 100. If you can do 100, go up to 200. Wachana na weights. The goal here is to build strength. Weights build power which is different. Power is short term meaning that people with power lack endurance unlike those with strength. That’s how Muhammed Ali was able to defeat Foreman. Foreman had power but no endurance, in the end, alichoka na akanguka. Other than this, another way to strengthen this force is by drinking whisky/brandy. Have you ever drank brandy/whisky until you have ‘wakad’? The feeling you get is a feeling of being very tired kama you have just done a lot of Tizi. Drinking them is also good for your nervous system which is the basis of how you react. If you are too nervous, you do not react vizuri sana. Brandy/Whisky/Exercise trains the nervous system not to be too nervous. Therefore, Exercise is the basis of developing the masculine force. It makes you strong and feel in control i.e. not nervous easily. Basically, it builds your will power and sharpens the intelligence associated with the masculine force i.e. logical thought.

    2. Reading: Once you have strengthened your masculine force. The easiest way to begin training it is by reading good literature. Yaani, uki soma Ali Baba and the 40 thieves a lot of times, you immediately will start to act like Ali Baba in time. These nyangau women and those who control the system know this and that’s why they like men to watch TV. It’s via TV that men are trained to become like these Nyangau women. It’s the TV that is the primary agent of feminizing men. So, you have a choice, either read literature and become like Ali Baba au you watch TV, sijui Friends, and become like Ross. Like I said, look into African and Indian literature. Switch off the TV kijana.

    3. Dress: The way you dress determines how you act. If you dress up in a suit, you act in a certain way which is different from if you have pajamas on. Therefore, choose the way you dress carefully, it determines how you act and that’s why these nyangau women like to dress their men. Same with hairstyle which is very important. Hairstyle determines how you react to situations. This is especially true for men. Therefore, if you have an Afro, you act/react in a different way from if you have Rastas. There is a reason why wazungus fear men with Afros or Rastas. Do realize that this is part of what is known as occult knowledge meaning that if you weak an Afro or Rastas, you automatically get connected to secret/occult knowledge from kitambo. That’s why a lot of Rastas wamechanuka vibaya sana. Hiyo knowledge yao inakuja automatically. Unakumbuka ile story ya Samson na Delilah. It’s the same deal.

    4. Language: The Language you speak determines how you act mainly. React, not very so. Think of when you speak Kiswahili, you tend to act in a certain manner. Like a ‘smoothey’. When you speak Kikuyu, you tend to feel your body toughen up. When you speak modern English, you actually feel like a fool. When you speak ebonics, unakuwa kama shoga. “yo baby yo yo yo baby………” Hiyo ni ushoga tuu. When you speak sheng, una kuwa kama wewe ni sly.

    5. Acting: This is actually training yourself to respond to situations when they occur. Kama vile ma player wana practice in front of a mirror how they are going to approach a chile. Even you have to act. Its why in the old days, acting was taken as a course in schools. In the old days, education was based on two things: religious instruction and vocational instruction. The first taught one how to act like a responsible member of society and the second gave one a skill to make a living from. That’s why in the old days, people believed in educating boys only. Formal education is something that mostly shapes the masculine force. In Africa, people learned to act on the streets. Remember when we were growing up, in shule, we had divided ourselves according to ‘bodee’ level. There was first bodee, second bodee na kadhalika. The First bodee used to act differently from everybody else. You know, if you go to a club or somewhere like that and you look for the first bodee, if you behave in the exact opposite manner as he does, people new to that place will not know who is the real first bodee. Today as I said above, men in the western world are feminized. The best way to train yourself to act is via Martial arts. Don’t even train to fight really, simply train to react and even act. That’s what Martial arts are about. When you do the martial arts drills, you simply repeat them until they become second nature. When you enter a real bout, you simply act and react without thinking. For you, I would say that Wrestling is a good art to train in. Wrestling ama try the Grappling arts. They will suit your body and identity type.

    6. Prayer/Music: Finally there is prayer too for the masculine force. I should have put this mbele tele. You pray to God to help develop this force and that’s why God is said to be masculine. That’s why many prayers to God ask him to ‘protect’ one from danger and all that. Music is also very good here. Listening to music that makes you macho, cocky, brave etc. Wachana na hip hop au RnB which just turns one into an ‘entertainment puppet’. Meaning you seek to act by entertaining others in a manner that is condescending to oneself. Basically you attempt to gain attention by acting/playing the fool. You entertain women by acting kama mjinga.

    Having said that, let me now enter what you may call the prison complex. The prison complex is a set of beliefs based on fear that tend to strangle the masculine force or basically, tends to westernize you. Westernizing you means turning you into an idiot. That’s what most westerners are. These beliefs come from the media and women. They are basically lies about your identity and capabilities. They try to limit you by lying to you so that you easily give up. They do this by instilling fear into you until you do/act as they want you to. Realize that there is only one true fear, the Fear of Death which is also the Fear of God. The other fears are all illusions input into you by the media/women so that you never ‘sellout’ or attempt to escape/independence. Realize that the system enslaves men and the last thing they want is a man to run away from the system. So they tell you lies all the time to keep you in a state of fear and hence incapacitated. Occasionally, they will use violence if you resist. Usually as I said they get some bitch ass niggers like those Kalenjins to do this. There are about 8 fears that imprison your masculine force. When this happens, you suffer from rage and can even get physically sick. This is what makes a lot of men turn to oversleeping. When the masculine force is imprisoned, they feel restless and even violent. They escape these feelings either by sleeping or by masturbating so as to weaken the entrapped masculine force.

    The 8 fears are,

    1. Fear of Success: This fear is real as I had said earlier because when you succeed in the west, people start planning to destroy you. It’s really that simple. The result is anxiety. As I said before, for an African, this means even just being in the west. Kuna watu wata work overtime to try and get you deported and that’s why you should never tell anybody your siri. The fear of success leads many people to self-sabotage since they may even get killed for succeeding. Mo Money, Mo Problems. This fear is best dealt with by becoming religious and letting God handle those fools. Don’t even think about them. It is also about strengthening your masculine force since it makes you aware of the intentions of others quickly and you can easily outwit them. Especially these nyangau women. They are not sharp at all. They operate only on spying which is a bit too slow for those who can sense them easily.

    2. Fear of Failure: This fear is also real. It is a fear based on what will happen when you fail. In the west, even starting a business is risky because the chances of going bankrupt are very high. That’s how those nyangau women want it so that you never become independent and therefore you don’t need them. They need to enslave somebody who will work a job i.e. work the system. After all, if all men torokad the system and became independent, the system would collapse. So, they enslave you in the system. Business is not easy in the West as many would like you to think. Its not competitive, the system does not support healthy competition. The system supports competition between men leading to violence between men. They only support big business where men can compete for jobs and work as slaves. So, if you try and fail, the repercussions are that nobody will help you. It’s like if you become bankrupt, no one will give you even a credit card. Also with those ethnic communities, if you fail, you will find all those fellow Kenyans/Africans deserting you haraka. Don’t forget that being an independent is viewed from a ‘social humiliation’ point of view. In their world, success is all about the image. Having a university degree is part of that image. The best way to deal with this fear of failure is to start slow and grow slow. Don’t try to be too big at once, you are bound to fail. Lakini so many people have the Western identities with them, they believe that life is about making money today and blowing it tomorrow. Grow slow. This is not even about planning. Its about treating your business/goal as an adventure. Just go with the flow and see where it takes you. Learn by making small mistakes/failures. Realize that growing ones business is the same as growing ones personality and character. As I said before, to become a great businessman, simply learn the personality and character of a hustler and you are automatically one. Ama, you can choose to grow slow by learning to become a hustler as you run your business.

    3. Fear of trying: This one is mainly by women and the media. Mainly women. They will attempt to put you down in anything you try to do. And even if you go ahead and do it, they attempt to sabotage you. They can do this by sending some bitch ass niggers your way or basically anyway in which they can set you back and frustrate you. The main way is however by messing you up via the feminine force where they tell you its okay to go ahead but they then start to roga you with their thoughts. This makes one paranoid since they can sense that someone does not want them to succeed. Separate from others by connecting to the Goddess. Physical separation is not enough. Don’t let them roga you by putting doubts into you. So, don’t even tell others your plans. You just go do them.

    4. Fear of being maimed: This is the fear of being disabled physically or even emotionally. Emotionally is like when someone you totally trusted betrayed you. Some women will do this on purpose so that you are forever messed up. Many men will then attempt to find a woman who can cure them but the only way is via the Goddess. Once bitten, twice shy. The result is that people attempt to try and succeed on their own. That’s almost like impossible. Yet you cannot trust anybody in the Western world. So what to do? Find a band of brothers who are not westernized.

    5. Fear of Struggling: The fear of maisha being ngumu. Mostly due to being in a perpetual state of anger, shame and guilt due to your identities. The belief that everybody is against you including mungu. In fact, it’s the belief that mungu does not care about one that messes them up completely. When you are like that, everything in maisha is ngumu. Even brushing your teeth becomes ngumu. You totally lack motivation and wander around like a zombie. You believe that life is totally meaningless. You live day by day. No sense of tomorrow. Just living such that when you are even 40, you are still the same person as you were when you were 20. One has not changed at all.

    6. Fear of ridicule: This one is mostly associated with the media and women again. This is the fear that make men fear being different from each other. If you are different, you will be ridiculed. The western society is one where everybody is desperate for power and for those without it, using violence is the only way they know how to feel powerful. So, one fears being ridiculed by women because some powerless bitch ass nigger will try to get brownie points with them nyangaus by attacking you. This fear of being different and being ridiculed prevents most men from ever chasing their dreams. Many men with this fear become defensive in nature due to another fact that this fear is associated with being killed. People who are ridiculed a lot wind up dead.

    7. Fear of exposure: Again, associated with the media and women and even at times men. The fear of your siri being exposed for everybody else to see. This fear is dependent on some of the others I have listed. However, it is also very much based on the fear of being seen for whom you really are. Many people parade themselves as being perfect until one day their secrets are exposed. Then it’s like they feel naked and don’t even want to be seen on the streets. In the western world, most people are really the opposite of the person they pretend to be. So, if you promote yourself as intelligence, one may develop a huge fear of failure before others. This is due to the fact that in the western world, identity is based on image. Not even a set of rational beliefs, but simply a set of beliefs pertaining to an image. People then act according to that image and if they are exposed as not being true to that image, they feel shamed. This is also especially true due to the fact that in the west, people only have one personality. When they are shamed, they do not know how to act so they escape the social world. They tend to act disgracefully or plain psycho. This is not true for traditional Africans who can have many different personalities especially based on what language they speak; Kiswahili, English, native tongue, sheng etc. If a traditional African goes to the Western world, he could very well be accused of having a multiple personality disorder. This fear can be interesting as for those who identify as media African. People see Africans as lacking intelligence and therefore if you are an intelligent African, you will attempt to hide this due to the fear of being isolated/feared by others. Especially true for wazungu since many ‘Africans’ believe they need them to survive. If mzungu isolates you, one wonders how they will survive. A lot of this fear is based on actually modern Christianity. Modern Christianity has issues with exposure. Fikiri on that for a minute.

    8. Fear of dying/rejection: This fear is also intimately associated with some of the others that I have listed. However, it is based on lacking natural intelligence. When you live in the western world for too long, you become physically and emotionally screwed. You totally lack intelligence. You become somewhat like a zombie. You do not even think anymore since life is so routine, you simply act automatically. This fear is mostly associated with modern western education. If you go through the modern western system of education, you for most part come out a dummy. You may ‘know’ a lot of information and facts, lakini you are incapable of thinking. It’s why most degrees become useless after a few years. They are based on teaching one information and not even knowledge. You may therefore then develop a fear of rejection of any sort if you come across a problem you have never come across before. You do not know how to solve it so you seek help. What if others lenga you? Then you develop a fear of dying. You are very much like an elderly person who simply exists. As they say, people in the west don’t live life, they simply exist. Everyday is the same and they never really change in terms of personality development.

    Do realize something about these fears. They are programmed into your preconscious memory via the feminine force. They are intimately associated with your identity. Now do realize that for whatever identity you choose, these fears are always there. It’s what building courage is all about. You go through life overcoming these fears and when you do, you enter into the Kingdom of God on earth. Imagine that, a life with no fear at all. That’s what bliss is all about. Lakini today, the identities people have are 100% fear based. Fears are not seen as obstacles to overcome, they are seen as existence itself. Such that even if maisha is going good, you start fearing that things will haribika soon. Some people even start looking for drama in their lives so that they can live that life of fear. That’s all they know. Even if you try to escape these fears/identities, the system will try to pull you back in. That’s why the western world operates like a prison complex. They try by means of psychological persuasion i.e. selling out issues and then resort to violence. The worst thing is if you get a nyangau pregnant ama even if you just happen to cohabit with her. The system makes you her prisoner. Escaping becomes difficult especially since there are bitch ass niggers including the police ready to keep you in place.

    These 8 fears keep you locked up in that prison that they call life in the western world. In the end, one becomes embittered and angry at life and everything. The worst is when many of these people then return to their home countries and find that their buddies have endelead vibaya sana. That’s kills them. Even worse is their inability to fit into their home culture due to being so messed up by the western world. They cannot even interact with those they knew before. Their anger has become programmed into their bodies and it is totally real and cannot go away.

    Finally, I must add that one way to ensure that your masculine force is well balanced and does not result you in desiring to sleep too much is by brushing ones teeth properly. You will notice that if ones mouth is dirty, you desire to sleep longer and more often than if you have a clean mouth. Don’t believe me? Go for a week without brushing your teeth. You will find yourself seeking the bed more often to go sleep.

    Sasa wacha mimi ni sare, nataka kwenda choo. Tutaonana masaa mengine.

    Class dismissed.

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