The Week That Audio Built and Zangalewa

Hello! Hello! Hello!
I am now declaring this week:

The Week that Audio Built

DJ booth: the tools of sound

Brilliant Title for a Week, Mwangi. But Why?

I am glad you asked. This week every single post that I will release will have some audio component to it. This all begins of course with:

The Welcome Message
You will notice on the banner at the very top of the site, there is now a small media player with the words:

Press play to hear a welcome message from Mwangi

I created this little player just so that I had a novel way of promoting and reinforcing what the blog is about and guiding y’all and helping y’all get the most out of the website.

However, the Weirdest Thing
Though I have had the good fortune of being on radio for a very brief period on my life, I still felt very self conscious and nervous about recording the welcome message. In fact after recording five takes I just gave up on trying to record, ” a perfect message wherein I am comfortable,” and decided it was better to put something up ASAP and tweak it as I went along.

Speaker symbol

NB: As I release this I am working on a new version of the welcome message so I should be changing the welcome message very soon, God willing!

So I have decided to get over my self-consciousness over my vocal abilities in the best way I know how:

A Week Where I Do Voice Posts….Well, Not Exactly
Every single post I will do this week will involve my voice in some way shape or form and the posts for this week are divided into two categories:
1) Podcasts
2) Guest posts

Tomorrow, I release my first ever podcast (yay!). I recorded it a few weeks back and its about a true-angel-among-men (or rather women) who died a little over a month ago. This is me talking to my mother about this great lady. Please listen, learn and distribute the podcast as much as you can, because she truly is Africa’s own Mother Teresa.

Guest Posts
After asking for help last week, I am glad to say some of you gladly obliged. I will be releasing the guest posts that have been sent to me over the course of the week with brief audio introductions for each from yours truly. Feel free to consider me like the blogging MC.

The Hit List

The guests who have blessed me with prose are:
a) Jim, from the forum that feels like your favorite Aunty’s home, Kenyanzone.
b) Acolyte from “My part of the world” (well, it’s his part of the world, not my part, for you see….aaaaahhhhh whatever!)
c) Seinlife from well “Seinlife” where I can actually discuss healthy eating and not look like a loony.
d) Gal Africana representing ‘the Hagen’, Copenhagen that is, in her “search for sanity“.

I truly hope you enjoy and are nourished by the week of festivities I have lined up. See you in the comments section.

If the idea of a week of audio excites you then please subscribe to the site for free via either email or RSS to get the latest audio posts as soon as they are released.

Hope your ears enjoy,

PS: If you claim to have been born in Africa but don’t know who Zangalewa are…..sigh, you missed out man. Enjoy the silliness and the poetry that is Tibeeeeeee….Zangalewa!

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