Guest Post: Jim from Kenyan Zone


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1) Open Office

2) Kenyan Zone

To learn more about Open Source click here

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Why Open Source Projects will save Kenyan Education? Read more »

Audio Interview: The Woman Who Entered a Poor, AIDS-ravaged Community and Left It as a Self-Sustaining Banana Exporter

Posts like this are why the Displaced African was born and what I pretty much live for.

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The Week That Audio Built and Zangalewa

Hello! Hello! Hello!
I am now declaring this week:

The Week that Audio Built

DJ booth: the tools of sound

Brilliant Title for a Week, Mwangi. But Why?

I am glad you asked. This week Read more »

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The Day a Bus Outwitted a Man

The following is based on a true story

Capoeira 1 Read more »

Five Videos That Make Us Proud to be African and Remind Us How Far We Have to Go

For those who don’t know, one of the great thinkers who helped define what it means to be black died recently: Read more »

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What Does Fundraising in the African Diaspora Have to Do With 27 Dresses and Rugby Sevens?

First up, the site is going through some changes in design and I am also adding and subtracting some stuff, so please bear with me.

This process will only last a few days and then it’ll be business as usual.In the meantime please give me feedback on whether its easier to read, what looks good, hideous etc etc

And yes, I have a funny accent and no I can’t explain what it is and where it came from, it’s just me and I rather like it!

White Kenyan supporters during Sevens

Three events: Distant in chronology, but far from it in psychology. To another man, random events that have no bearing on each other. To me, Read more »

What Was It Like Saying Goodbye to African Soil?

I recently read about the heart breaking, raw reaction that Kelly had to having to leave Kenya. That mixed in with some discussions I had with some friends got me thinking about what it was like when I had to say goodbye to Africa.

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Displaced African Review: Skype

NB: Unless otherwise specified, the $ sign refers to Australian dollars and not American dollars. To check out exchange rates please check out this website.

If I were to write this article without any rules it would basically be one long drool-fest over Skype.

Skype image

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Australian Dictionary: Words and Expressions You Will Often Here While Down Under

Below is a list of words, expressions and institutions that you will regularly hear about once you land in the land down under. I expect this list to expand as you guys send me words that you often use within your Australian experience. For more information on Australian slang words check out Koala Net Read more »

Relationships and Health Insurance: How to Immigrate to Australia Within a Week

To refer to the check-list that you will guide you in immigrating to Australia within a week please refer to the Introduction post in the series.


We are in the home stretch! I thought I would make this final article short, sweet and to the point.

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