How to Discover Your Mission in Life and Use It to Make Money (Series Introduction)

Hey guys,

I have just one more article in my first ever series: the top 10 things I wish I knew before I left Africa. Rather than just writing a nice, simple post I have decided to make it an audiovisual feast to the senses, incorporating some video and audio from my past that really influenced my way of thinking. The only problem is: I actually have to go in search of this audio and video because some of it is many years old.

She discovered her mission and used it to make money: Oprah

Therefore I have decided that while I am on my treasure hunt I will try to serve you by bringing together all my knowledge and experience to answer the question: How do you discover your mission in life and use it to make money?

I have broken it down into four parts that I will post over the next 4 days:

  1. Introduction to series. Outline of the three approaches to discovering your mission in life.

  2. Begin explanation of approach number one..

  3. Approach number one completed. Approach number two and three explained

  4. How to use your mission to make money.


So click on any of the links above to head straight to the article. Above all else I hope this series drives you to action.Faith without action is dead. A dream without action is dead. Reading this series without acting on it is as good as not having read it at all.

Any thoughts or feelings? Leave a comment below or contact me.


B blesd&Bles Othaz,


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