7 Barriers to Immigrant’s Success

Hello, hello. I thought I would take a break from the writing for a couple of days and recharge my batteries a little bit. It would be an outrage for me to leave y’all high and dry and so I thought I would enlist the help of someone I met via this blog, Coach Caroline. Definitely one of the most interesting and passionate people I have spoken to in quite a while. Below she outlines some of the things that stand in the way of immigrants living the best lives possible. I hope it is of service to you. Leave comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I get back. Be blessed and bless others, Mwangi!

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An Open Letter to Women on How to Treat Men


An envelope that contains the letter to the ladies

This crush continues! Should any of my posts ever be of no value to you, let me know and I will move on……the topics are many, it is the time that is little. It is the time that is little. Sunny from Project Sunshine wrote to me and asked me to write a letter where I basically gave men tips on how to treat women. Read more »

Just Words? There Is No Such Thing: The Power of Language

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I may not be a fully fledged member of his groupie team, but I must give credit when it’s due. This man has a way with words.

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Africa Is Not that Bad: What Happens to Minorities and Indigenous People Born In Western Countries?

Native Americans 


Today I will talk about something that I have observed in my travels in the World but have rarely heard discussed Read more »

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Are You In Control of Your Life?

Well, you should be!!

Heart to heart

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How to Use Your Life Mission to Make Money (List of Free Video, Audio and Other Resources)

Rest of the series:

1) How to discover your mission in life (part one)

2) How to discover your mission in life (part two)

3) Bonus:How to Discover Your Mission in Life 


Money, money, money

Many of us already know how to do this.Many of us have already heard the principles needed to achieve success in a capitalist world recited over and over again. We have heard story after story after story about people who used these principles to climb to the capitalist mountaintop. In fact if you fall into this category, feel free to scroll to the bottom of the article where I have linked to 12 resources that will hopefully inspire you to do things bigger than you dreamed of before. They key though is not knowing what to do. It is doing what we know.

However, there will probably be some of you who have never heard of the principles needed to make money and be financially free. In short, they are: Read more »

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How to Guarantee Success in Any Field of Endevour: Become a Copycat

George Washington Carver

How do you do it? Copy successful people. I really don’t feel like beating about the bush today. The heart palpitations are yet to cease and at the moment I am feeling very assertive and to the point. Let me give you some snippets of thoughts intended to drive you to action.

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Bringing Light into Africa (The interview with Sunny)

Si you know as African bloggers and bloggers worldwide to support each other is a must. Today I will share with you an interview conducted by people from www.somethingcool.ca when they had a chat with the African blogger Sunny. You can find her blog at: Project Sunshine

Enjoy; be blessed;bless others;Mwangi

The sun; Project Sunny. You dig?


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Apathy, Criticism and Ignorance are Bliss, But Is That the Type of Life You Want to Live?

Blog depression

The love illness continues, however I am now lucid enough to write a post that I think is pretty generally applicable.

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Top 7 Things I Have Learned About Women and the Opposite Sex


I am writing this in the middle of a really old crush resurfacing to confuse me and annoy me and therefore forgive me if this post is an incoherent babble. The infatuation has taken over. Here now are the top 7 things that I have learned about women while abroad Read more »

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