Africans,do you have any problems that have to do with Immigration and Immigration Law?


How cool is this picture, I wish I had the Australian equivalent

Symbolic of an African in the diaspora

As I pass the half way mark of my first ever series on the Displaced African, I thought I would give you heads up on what the next series would be about.

This blog is pretty much about being as useful and relevant as it possibly can be.Therefore, this is especially for Africans in Australia though everyone is welcome, I am asking for anyone who may have any questions that pertain to immigration and immigration law (including PR, student visas, drivers licenses, rights and responsibilities etc) to either leave a comment below or contact me at

The number of people who get deported or end up detained or in trouble in this country is too many. I know a lot of the problems that a lot of Africans have when they reach the diaspora would be solved with just a little knowledge and education as to how the rules and the laws work.

I am looking forward to seeing what type of questions come in and look forward to the series in a couple of weeks. Subscribe to the feed so that you’re in the know as to when the series begins or instead just regularly check in.

Be blessed + Bless others = Mwangi

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