Kibaki Wins; Who Cares?! (Part 1.5)

smiling man

I am now feeling much better and much lighter after expressing myself on my previous post.Now after reflection here are a couple of distinctions:

1) It’s a pretty negative article; My hope is in having the contrast of hearing what I have to say when I am coming from a great place and when I am coming from a negative place you will understand me and the messages I present to you via this site a bit better.

2) Kibaki did do some good work during his term. He did a helluva lot of things wrong but from what I heard he really created some long term positive tangible changes while in office and I honor that.

3) If the media, reports and the way Kibaki and his team have acted during this election are to be believed, I think one can easily come to the conclusion that Raila Odinga is indeed the fourth president of Kenya. If this is the truth, my hope is that the true winner gets what is rightfully his and that my lovely home keeps moving in a positive direction regardless of who is in power.

4) I know some of you have looked at the challenges and questions I put forth and thinking, “They are great but I am just not there yet.” That’s great! Take one idea that resonates deeply with you and reflect on it, if you pray, pray about it, focus on it and let it haunt your soul and slowly and surely let it ge