Kibaki Wins; Who Cares?! (Part 1.5)

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I am now feeling much better and much lighter after expressing myself on my previous post.Now after reflection here are a couple of distinctions:

1) It’s a pretty negative article; My hope is in having the contrast of hearing what I have to say when I am coming from a great place and when I am coming from a negative place you will understand me and the messages I present to you via this site a bit better.

2) Kibaki did do some good work during his term. He did a helluva lot of things wrong Read more »

Kibaki Wins; Who Cares?! What’s the alternative to the Election Results

What saddens me?

Today is the last day of 2007. I have been working behind the scenes over the last month or so setting everything up so that around mid-January I can begin writing pretty much full time on this blog. I feel forced to write this post early because today is genuinely one of the saddest days of this year for me.

Now to put it in perspective, this year I have damaged a lot of relationships with people, done mean hurtful, disrespectful things that made me feel as bad as the person I hurt, I have been homeless and broke and I have been lonely and scared. None of that feels quite as heavy as what I am feeling today.

Today I feel ashamed; It’s currently 7a.m. and sometime around 2a.m. last night we watched live TV streamed directly from Kenya that bore news that Mwai Kibaki had “won” the election.

Now first of all I must confess Read more »

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Landed in Australia

The first post of the Displaced African blog: Yeah!

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First of all I must confess the title of the series is somewhat misleading. I almost never experience the emotion of regret to be quite honest. Instead I always look at every stupid thing I do as a learning experience for the next moment. If it were written for me I would have called it Ten things I have learned during my 5 year stay in Australia. The fact is, I am not writing this for me, I am writing this as a resource for ALL OF YOU especially if you somewhere in Mama Africa about to make the long journey to a Western country. I hope this series is of service to you and feel free to contact me and let me know your thoughts, in spite of your location or ethnicity.

Leaving Kenya

Picture this: It’s cold winter day in June 2002. The world cup final is playing out, Brazil vs Germany. This is the big one. The greatest world cup ever. Something even more important was happening in my life. Read more »